Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Humidity Cards
Humidity and moisture are invisible yet caustic elements that can cause quick worsening of products in contact. To shun their destructive effects, companies generally rely on packaging experts who can provide them with the required moisture barriers to protect their goods. Although moisture barrier bags or vapor barrier bags one shortcoming and i.e. it is often difficult to moderate the actual levels of humidity within. But there exists a solution for this problem and that is humidity indicator card. Indicating cards are confirm the presence of moisture and hence can make the packaging process a success. These little cards are positioned inside the moisture barrier bag and can be checked time to time at regular intervals during the process of storage. These cards can also be checked at the time of the arrival of shipment and damage can be predicted.  These cards work on an easy color-coded system; they point out dampness levels, and hence show the successful working levels of the desiccants and barrier bags. These cards provide low cost solution for indicating humidity conditions inside a vacuum packaged barrier bag.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Clay desiccant bags are used for removing moisture from enclosed spaces like shipping and storage containers. Clay desiccants work well in temperatures of up to 120°F; above which the clay desiccant may release moisture back into the container. To remove water from liquid or gas, use molecular sieve packets. The capacity for water adsorption of a molecular sieve desiccant is 22% of its weight.
It is important to know that desiccant is not edible.  Desiccant packets come in many different configurations and sizes, usually in packets of 1 gm to 25 gm. They are used in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, textile, stationery, agriculture, leather, etc. the desiccant packets increase the shelf-life of food items by preventing spoilage, fungus, bacteria and keep the food fresh for a long period.
Storing food was never more popular than now. Whether it is a small family of four or a large democratic nation, everyone is storing food for tomorrow. Less time for grocery shopping, the ever increasing prices and the new facilities to store large amounts of eatables are the few reasons why people have begun to take food storage seriously. But, storing food is a hard procedure as food tends to get spoilt due to many unpleasant reasons like fungus, bacteria and humidity. In order to prevent the spoilage of the stored food, many materials are used in packaging. Usually desiccant packets are used to absorb moisture from food products. There are many types of desiccant packets like-silica gel packets, molecular sieve packets and clay packets. A desiccant is a substance that absorbs moisture and removes humidity that destroys products. It protects the food from moisture, humidity, odor, spoilage, bacteria and fungus. It reduces condensation and remains dry even in damp and humid conditions, which are FDA approved, non-toxic, moisture free, DMF free, odorless, food grade and pharma grade packets.
Desiccant Packets
A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance. There are many substances that are hygroscopic, but only few are used in food storage. Silica gel pillow pak can be discovered in wide varieties of materials consisting of composite paper, non-woven packets, polyster packages and others. The best part of silica gel pillow pak is there unique moisture absorbing capability that makes them stand from others. They are available in tyvek packs, cotton bags and a lot others.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

moisture absorbing desiccant
Desiccants are said as those substances which have the ability to absorb moisture and odor. Having excellent absorption capacity it has the capacity to maintain the originality of the product by preventing any microbial activities. Although moisture is present everywhere, but its presence at unnecessary places can prove to be quite disastrous. Most of the desiccants are available in granular or powdered form. The reason that these desiccants are in this form is that in this way it gets more surface area for absorption. This form allows the desiccant to absorb more moisture content from the atmosphere. However these desiccants cannot be used loosely, so they are used in packets. Now the size of the packets depends on the requirement. You must have seen small packets of moisture absorbing desiccant in leather jackets, plastic containers. While at the same time huge bags of desiccants are also used while transportation that is cargo in a ship.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Moisture is the biggest enemy for any sensitive product like metal or electronic items. So, in order to ensure the safety of the products it is important to keep a check on the atmospheric conditions of that place where the product has to be stored. This is not only the best rather the cheapest way to know about the atmospheric humidity. Moisture is not the only time where the product has danger from moisture, but even while transportation any item can easily come in contact with atmospheric moisture and many loose its originality. There are various products in market which helps to absorbs moisture from the environment. But how may someone know that which desiccant to use in different humidity situations. To, check the atmospheric humidity with humidity indicating cards and then use the appropriate desiccant.
Now, the question arises that what is the indicator cards made up of, which makes it so much efficient that it is able to analyses the amount of humidity in the atmosphere. The cards have a layer of cobalt chloride solution which is mixed carefully to change its color from blue to various shaded of magenta, red to pink.

Friday, 28 March 2014

On demand to the desiccant suppliers these packets can also be customized and packed in with combination of other desiccant as well. For example silica gel plus activated carbon can be used in combination to control odor as well as moisture problems. Apart from using them in packets, they are also used in canisters and breathers. These are huge machineries, which has the capacity to absorb huge quantity moisture in big containers.
It is used at places like factories near machineries. Sudden heating and cooling of machines create huge amount of moisture. Moisture is the biggest enemy to machines. If moisture in the atmosphere is above 40%, it is the most suitable situation where corrosion and rusting activities can take place. The best thing of using these desiccants is that once these desiccants indicate to be fully contaminated, it can be reused as well. These desiccants can be again brought back to their original form by heating them over certain temperature.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Desiccants are the most important tools to remove moisture or odor effectively from any unnecessary place. These desiccants not only help to absorb moisture from air but it also removes moist air from both gas and liquids. Presence of moisture at unnecessary places can often prove to be fatal, especially, in case of electronic items. It is very important to protect electronic items from moisture because even a drop of moisture is enough to destroy the whole system. Moisture catches the product mostly as the time of transportation. If the product is saved from moisture at that time it can be endured from rest of the dangers as well. Apart from electronic it can be used for any type of product like cosmetics, sports goods, leather based products, historical artworks, manuscripts and many more.
Desiccant Packets
In the desiccant packets there are different types of desiccants which can be used as per the requirements. Among all the desiccants silica gel is the popular one as it is the most effective. It has the capacity to absorb moisture 4 times of its weight. After the granule is fully contaminated you can be sure of it that the moisture is locked inside them. The packets are made in such a form that moisture can easily enter them but cannot leave as it is locked in the granule.